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Our goal: Help au pairs - for free

Posted by September 18, 2018 • 3 minutes read

Based on our own experience (as described in Our Vision) our first goal is to

Help au pairs to know all the rules, not get trapped with bad families, quickly find a new family if necessary and support each other  of course for free!

Are we already there? Not yet, but we're getting close!

This is what we’ve implemented so far:

  • A database with thoroughly researched country information, which lays out all the official rules & regulations as well as common practice and a step-by-step guide
  • Automatic check if an au pair is allowed to become an au pair in a certain host country (based on citizenship, age & language skills) and only host countries where this is the case are available to chose from as wished host country - so no complicated research necessary on the au pair's side
  • A scam detection algorithm which normally detects and blocks a scammer within minutes after registration and sends a warning to all users who have been in contact with him/her already
  • A messaging system, where all au pairs can contact each other (as well as all families and agencies)
  • An overview of former au pairs of a host family, which makes it easy for an au pair to contact former au pairs of a family to get some firsthand information about the family (this of course only works if the family added the information about their previous au pairs)
  • The nearBy function to easily find other au pairs nearby (if they activated nearby) and get in contact with them in real life
  • A fully multilingual community where other au pairs, families and the whole cAP team answer any questions and help with any problems related to au pairing
  • All functionality is of course totally for free for aupairs!

And that’s what we plan to implement:

  • Safe mode for au pairs who want to change family: By activating a “safe change” mode, the family (if registered at connectAuPair) wouldn’t see that the au pair is looking for a new family (neither in the matching results, nor in the community)
  • Au pairs and families will soon be able to rate each other and write a review about the au pairing experience with each other. This will help good families to be even more attractive to au pairs and by that find a matching au pair even faster and it will quickly sort out bad families.

Many of the described features only unfold their full potential, if hundreds of thousands of au pairs and families join connectAuPair. 

The tens of thousands users who already joined connectAuPair are a good start, but many more need to register to make our vision come true!

Do you share our vision?

Then it’s time for you to join connectAuPair! 

And to tell all your friends, followers, colleagues,... to join connectAuPair!

Join connectAuPair today and make our vision come true!

Did we miss an important aspect? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Maria Knauer
September 18, 2018
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Maria Knauer