Kuinka pääsen au pairiksi maahan Saksa?

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Saksa has 10 different programs for the different au pair citizenships.
Choose here which programs you want to see and compare.

program basics

Au pair
Working Holiday

minimum age

18 18

maximum age

26 30


visa required

estimated visa processing time

: 90


visa required

estimated visa processing time

: 28


language requirements

required language skills:

Deutsch: A1

There are no minimum language skills required

short program description

The au pair program is open to young people from any country. There are only different rules for EU/EEA/CH vs. the rest of the world.

If not indicated differently, quotes are taken from the fact sheet "Au pairs in German families" which can be downloaded from the web page of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit - while the page is in German, some of the downloads are in English

The “European convention on hiring au pairs” enacted by the Council of Europe in 1969 contains framework regulations for living and working conditions, language instruction, social services and the rights and obligations of the au pair and the host family. This convention has not been affirmed by the Federal Republic of Germany, and is therefore not considered legally binding. However, the significant criteria of the convention are considered applicable within the Federal Republic of Germany

These norms and further regulations and information can be found in this country information.

The basic idea of a "working holiday" or "work and travel", is to have the opportunity to fund holidays and traveling by taking on several short term jobs. Therefore, this program is not primarily intended for au pair jobs, but if the au pair is e.g. too old for an au pair visa, then it might be a possibilty.

More information can be found at the homepage of the German Mission (in German or Taiwanese) or you can use the Google translation to English.

näytä kaikki isäntäperheet maassa Saksa
näytä kaikki au pairit maalle Saksa

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