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Alankomaat has 13 different programs for the different au pair citizenships.
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step by step to get to Netherlands

Au pair
Working Holiday

find family / au pair, sign contract

Follow our tips on how to find the perfect au pair / the perfect host family with connectAuPair.

invitation letter

not relevant

To obtain a working holiday visa, theoretically, an invitation letter is not necessary if the person is able to prove sufficient funds.


The host family is responsible for sufficient insurance of the au pair (see also "rules and regulations - health, accident and liability insurance").


To be an au pair in Netherlands it is necessary to register with an au pair agency. Host families must do the same. The au pair agency will mediate the procedure. An application for a residence permit always runs via the au pair agency. Neither the au pair nor the host family can apply for a residence permit.

A list of all au pair agencies that are recognised by the IND as a sponsor can be found here. Only recognised sponsors can apply for a residence permit for au pairs. 

To come to the Netherlands, you will require a Provisional Residence Permit (mvv). An mvv is a visa that is issued for a stay longer than 90 days. The sponsor submits an application both for an mvv and a residence permit at the same time. This is called the Entry and Residence Procedure (TEV procedure).

Not everyone needs an mvv to enter the Netherlands. Your sponsor then applies for a residence permit directly. Your sponsor can submit the application while you are not yet in the Netherlands.

Only a recognised au pair agency can submit an application on behalf of an au pair. The au pair agency is your recognised sponsor.

The sponsor needs certain documents. Please check with the sponsor which documents are needed.

In any event the au pair needs to have a copy of his/her travel document (for example a passport) containing the identification/personal details, including copies of pages containing travel stamps.

Detailed information about Working Holiday in the Netherlands and procedure to get a residence permit for Australian, Canadian or New Zealand citizens can be found here.

further documents

Which further documents the au pair probably needs to bring along?

To proof the payment of the pocket money, most families will want to transfer the money to a bank account of the au pair. Therefore the host family should check what documents the bank asks for to open a bank account for an au pair, so the au pair can organize them at home already (see also “bank account” below).

If the au pair wants to drive a car in the host country, (s)he eventually needs e.g. a legally attested copy of the national driving license. See also “driving license” further below.

organize trip

The trip will normally be organized by the au pair, of course in accordance with the host family.

Even when everything is clear and all questions are asked, it's good to stay in touch until the journey starts - it's important that also the children get to know that a new au pair is coming and communicating from time to time through Skype is a good way to get used to each other.

start journey

What to take with you as au pair? In our community you can find tips from other au pairs!

Please note: Border authorities may examine whether the prerequisites for entry continue to apply. This examination is international practice. The au pair might be refused entry even though (s)he is in the possession of a valid visa, if the prerequisites for entry no longer apply.

Therefore the au pair should carry with him/her documents giving evidence to the purpose of the stay - in particular proof of sufficient funds (au pair contract) and health insurance.

step by step once you're in Netherlands

Au pair
Working Holiday


Although it's not mandatory, normally the host family picks up the au pair from the airport or train station (or organizes a pick-up).

The first days should then be reserved for getting to know each other and introducing the au pair to the family's daily routines.

You are not sure how to welcome your au pair and which rules you should define? Have a look at our tipps and discuss with other families in our community!

You are feeling homesick, the kids don't seem to like you and you just feel like returning home asap? Get comfort and tipps from other au pairs in our community!
And with our nearBy function you can immediately see which other au pairs live nearby and can meet with them.

residence registration

When the au pair arrives in the Netherlands he/she will need to register in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) in the municipality where he/she will be living.

Required documents:

  • a legalized and translated birth certificate;
  • passport.

Once the au pair is registered with the municipality, he/she must collect the residence document. 

A letter on this subject will be sent to you or your sponsor, informing you where you can collect the document and which papers you need to take with you. 

Within 3 months after the permit has been granted, the au pair needs to undergo a tuberculosis test. Some nationalities are exempt from this obligation.

Within 3 working days of the arrival the applicant needs to contact the Immigration Service (the IND) for an appointment to apply for a residence permit. The fee for this residence permit is 42 Euros, which has to be paid at the time of the application.

The residence permit is issued for a maximum of 1 year. This period can not be extended.

On the residence document itself you will find your personal data, along with other information such as your v-number, the purpose of your stay as well as the start and end date of your permit. The document also states your employment status (arbeidsmarktaantekening). This status tells you whether and under which conditions you are allowed to work.

Upon collecting your residence document, make sure to check all (personal) data on the document. If they are, in any way, not correct, please do not take the document home with you, but notify the IND employee attending you at the IND desk.

work permit

The work permit is granted together with the residence permit and allows to start working immediately after arrival in the specified job (= au pair).

When taking part in the WHS or WHP, you are free to work on the Dutch labour market and therefore allowed to work in the Netherlands for the duration of your working holiday without a work permit (TWV). 

bank account

The pocket money is normally paid directly into a bank account.

To open a bank account, the following documents will be required: 

  • Proof of ID (passport or identity card);
  • Personal public service number (burgerservicenummer);
  • Proof of address;
  • For non EU citizens, the residence permit.

A very good option for au pairs is an online bank like N26: It's very easy to open an account, it's for free and everything can be done via smartphone.

driving a car

An international resident in the Netherlands can use his/her driving licence for a certain period of time, after which it will be required to obtain a Dutch permit.

For non EU countries licences are valid for six months from the date of the register at the local municipality.

An application for a Dutch driving licence is submitted to the Government Road Transportation Agency and the appraisal process takes approximately two weeks. 

More information can be found at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR).

step by step to change family in Netherlands

Au pair
Working Holiday

find new family

Have a look at our tips, how to change family!


As the Host family normally pays for the insurance, either the current insurance must be taken over by the new family or the current insurance is terminated and a new policy is issued.

residence registration

When moving, it is necessary to notify the municipal authority about the change of address.

work permit / residence permit

In principle, your residence permit remains valid if you transfer to another host family or organization.

step by step to leave Netherlands

Au pair
Working Holiday

de-register residence

Before leaving the Netherlands, the au pair must then de-register from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) and return his/her residence document. 


Also consider the following, especially when the au pair leaves earlier than planned:

  • Cancel standing order for pocket money
  • Cancel au pair insurance

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