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I'm Looking for a British Au pair for next year, starting Jan 2018 (Madrid, Spain)

 Hi!!, We are a family (Husband, daughter 8 yrs old, and a dog ), we live in a small village in Madrid south, very close to Aranjuez. Our village is Ciempozuelos and is very good comunicated with Madrid with buses and trains every 20 minutes.

We need you to pick up our daughter from school at 16:00 and bring her home, help her with her homework (mainly with english language subjects) and bring her to afternoon activities like english lessons and karate lessons, until my arrival to home at 20:00 hours, more or less, this will be from monday to thursday.

On friday you have to pick her from school, but I will arrive home, earlier, like 17:00 hours more or less, and then, you can do whatever you want, stay with us, travel, or what you prefer.

It is possible that one weekend at month you will have to take care of the kid and the dog, but not as a usual matter.

We are very "young at mind" so, we repect everybody, and if you want to study or travel, or anything outside your hours, we will respect you, for us, you will be one more of our family.

We are very friedly people, so you will know Spanish culture for sure, we like to go to bares, restaurants and meet new people and cities.

We hope you enjoy your time here!!!!

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