Maria Knauer

Maria Knauerviimeksi aktiivinen 8. marraskuuta 2021

connectAuPair-tiimi connectAuPair-tiimi, cAP-tiimissä vuodesta 2015 lähtien
kansalaisuus Itävalta
isäntämaa germany
kielitaidot saksa (C2), englanti (C1)

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Why I work for connectAuPair and what's my job there

After quite disappointing experiences with existing online portals (when searching for our own au-pair) I pushed Christoph (my husband) to found connectAuPair (which means a lot of work for him as a programmer), because I was (and still am) of the opinion that we can offer much better services than what's currently available on the internet.

Since we still haven't reached the critical mass from which functions like perfectMatch and nearBy will work really well - and we can't afford the massive advertising that is obviously necessary for this - we unfortunately had to part with our great team at the beginning of 2018 :-(

Since then my husband and I have been running the platform in our spare time and in September 2019 we decided to make it available for free also to families in the hope that more families will use it then.

I'm Language Support Manager for saksa

which is my mother tongue, but I'm also happy to communicate in English.

I'm Country Support Manager for Kiina & Saksa

As we currently have our 7th au pair, I already researched lots of information about au pairs in Germany and so other befriended host families started to ask me for advice - therefore I'm really happy to share my knowledge now here on connectAuPair.

In May 2018 we've added China as a host country to our platform - which I personally think is one of the most interesting host countries for au pairs...

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