Davide Contu

Davide Contuviimeksi aktiivinen 6. marraskuuta 2018

connectAuPair-tiimi connectAuPair-tiimi, cAP-tiimissä vuodesta 2016 lähtien
kansalaisuus Australia, Kanada, Saksa, Guatemala, Italia, Korean tasavalta, Meksiko, Uusi-Seelanti, Etelä-Afrikka, Sveitsi, Yhdysvallat
isäntämaa italy
kielitaidot italia (C2), englanti (C1), sardu (C1), saksa (B1), espanja (A2)

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Why I work for connectAuPair and what's my job there

A concoction of professional background, life experiences and studies spiced up with a dash of sincere enthusiasm towards the whole idea that permeates this project (there’s never enough of a thing such as cultures getting to knowing better each other, especially in the times we are currently living), this is what has brought me to connectAuPair.

Search, digest, present and eventually translate relevant pieces of information regarding the "Au pair" topic for the country I've been entrusted, implementation of marketing activities, care and management of content aimed both at social networks and internal online community are some of the tasks on which I am involved at connectAuPair.

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