Julien Baldini

Julien Baldiniviimeksi aktiivinen 6. marraskuuta 2018

connectAuPair-tiimi connectAuPair-tiimi, cAP-tiimissä vuodesta 2016 lähtien
kansalaisuus Etelä-Afrikka
isäntämaa france
kielitaidot englanti (C2), ranska (C2), saksa (C1)

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Why I work for connectAuPair and what's my job there

At connectAuPair, my main role is to find, organise and enter all the relevant information to become an au pair or a host family in French speaking countries in our database. Those information are mostly legal regulations, but also tips and advices to ensure the stay is as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

I'm Language Support Manager for ranska

I provide support in French and English. I am also fluent in German, but I leave this language to my colleagues, as I am not as fast as they are...

I'm Country Support Manager for Belgia & Kanada & Tanska & Ranska & Luxemburg & Sveitsi

If you have any inquiry, remark, question on a French speaking country (Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland), please send me a message.

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